How To Start Making Money Online Selling Your Skills On

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Did you know you can make a full time or part time living by becoming a seller. 

People join for many different reasons.

You could have lost your job recently or you may just be looking to add extra money to your income.

Whatever the reason you can sign up to Fiverr for free and start promoting your skills straight away.

If you need tips on how to succeed on Fiverr continue reading. How to make money with Fiverr

Be truthful with every gig you set up on Fiverr, only promise things you can deliver.

Add quality photos of yourself on your profile.

Make a video of yourself explaining in detail what each gig is about.

Be yourself in the video, don’t try to put heirs and graces on. And make sure the video and audio are of high quality.

Top sellers on know that having a video will rank them above the competition, and help sell their gigs better than those without a video.

Dress smart and be confident on the video, people like to see the face behind the gig seller.

Fill your profile to the maximum, add as many photos as Fiverr lets you. Use all the characters in the description that they let you. And record your video to the maximum length.

For the first thirty days you will only be aloud to sell £5 gigs. So in this time undercut the competition. 

Every gig you sell should be your best work, in return you will gain a lot of positive feedback.

Set your goals and be in the right mindset. Go through Fiverr’s Terms and Conditions to understand fully what you need to know.

Don’t break any rules and think ahead. At some point you will be promoted to a level one and a level two seller status. Once you are promoted make your gigs more valuable.

Always keep an eye and research what the competition is doing. And at this point it would be a good idea to start cross selling gigs.

Now is the time to up your game, say you wrote a 600 word article for £5 when you first started, well now you can drop it to a 100 word article for the same price and charge £30 for the 600 words.

Remember the good money to be made is in the up sells. Now start thinking about becoming a premium seller, but make sure you have a good amount of gigs behind you before you do.

When you get buyers who are a complete nightmare to work with {and you will believe me} don’t let them bully you, stand your ground and say no. 

You’ll find plenty of other sellers who will pamper to demanding buyers, don’t be one of them, they are not worth your time.

There are plenty of customers out there looking for you. 

Keep a record of your progress and performance and try to better it at every chance.

Use Fiverr’s analytics and keep a spreadsheet of your monthly revenue.

At some point you will want to evaluate your position and look for opportunities to grow.

Be humble and remember as you do grow and your business evolves, you and only you started this by selling £5 gigs.

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