I found the following video online about six months ago explaining how to earn money online, and decided to try out the method for myself.

After following the steps in the video, I then preceded to make my first video.

And I must say I did find it super simple to create these videos with the software he recommends, and I also did manage to make my first sale.

But not for $500 like he suggests, which in UK currency is roughly £380

So now I recommend you watch the video first and then continue reading the rest of my opinion below the video, where I suggest a realistic price to sell them for.

The video editing software he mentions in this video has a 14 day free trial, which means you’ve got 14 days to play around with it and make money from it.

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I know in the video he says you can make five hundred dollars for each customer you get. But in reality you want to be charging around £45 to small businesses like the local hairdressers, and around £100 to £150 for bigger businesses.

I personally am getting around five sales a week from this method, and I take one day out to concentrate on making the video’s and sending out emails.

I also tend to make one video for a certain business {let’s say Italian restaurants} and then I will search online for Italian restaurants with websites, to get their email address.

I will then direct all of these restaurants to the same video promoting a similar restaurant to theirs, and tell them I can make a video like this for them.

As soon as I make a sale I create the video for them with their script and photo’s and add clips from the software. I then make them a personal Youtube account. Then upload the video and send them the details and the video file.

I know if I worked seven days a week doing this I could make a hell of a lot of sales. But I’m also working on a lot of other ways to make money online, plus I enjoy my freedom, which means long weekends having fun.

One other thing before I go, Youtube have updated quite a lot of their system since this video was made, so things will look a little different than he shows you. But don’t panic it’s now actually easier to add subtitles and upload video’s.


Good Night Good Luck And You Owe Me A Beer!!!


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