A Great Way To Earn Online With Print On Demand And Canva 


Here is the link for Red Bubble: https://redbubble.com

Here is the link for Canva: https://canva.com

This method to make money online is totally free and easy to set up.

It involves joining two websites that work worldwide.

The first website you need to join is www.redbubble.com, a link to this website can be found below this video. redbubble

Here you will make a free account where you can upload artwork and designs to be printed onto T-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and lots of other stock products.

You will basically set up a shop, where you just supply the artwork and designs, and red bubble will print them onto an item that is purchased through your shop, and then ship the product to the buyer.

You Will Receive 20% Of The Retail Price.

CanvaThe second website you need to join is www.canva.com, a link to this website can be found below this video.

Here you will make your designs to upload to red bubble.

Now don’t worry if you’re not an artist or you’re just crap at designing anything.

This is where I teach you a method to get plenty of customers visiting your shop to buy your designs.

Basically you are going to target people who are looking for work related T-shirts and item’s which they find funny.

So let’s say you want to make a design aimed at the pest control industry. 

Go to google and type in pest control funny quotes.

Here you will find thousands of funny anecdotes that you can use for your T-shirt design.

Now just sign into your canva account and make your design, add images and colours if you wish, then download your design to your computer, then upload it to red bubble.

Choose The Most Popular Colours For Your T-Shirts

Black T-shirts are the most popular on red bubble, so a white or light coloured design would be best.

Try to think of occupations that you don’t generally hear about, this means you will find less competition, but still plenty of customers looking to buy.

If you have a good following on any of the social media platforms, you can showcase your design’s there.

Another way to boost customers would be to sign up to a forum in the niche you’re targeting and add your link to your shop in your profile, but you would need to interact and chat to people on the forum for this to work.

If you pick a good niche that not many people target, your customers will find you.

And that’s all there is to it, very simple, but also can be very profitable


Good Night Good Luck And You Owe Me A Beer!!!


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