Make £100 Plus a Day Making Videos For Small Businesses

With this work online method you can easily make over £100 a day. And the best part about making money online with this method means you can work from home and do it anywhere in the world. 

Plus it’s very easy and simple to do. You just need a computer, Wi-Fi, Youtube account and access to a video creation software. 

So How Does This Work

promo videoWe are going to create and sell promo video’s to small businesses. Over the past year I’ve created over 600 of these video’s for various businesses. 

And out of these businesses I’ve found the pubs and restaurants the easiest to sell to. 

Plus you will get a lot of repeat buyers from these trades for special events they have coming up, such as St Patricks day, Halloween, Valentines day, live music events, Xmas and so on. 

So for the rest of this guide the small business I talk about, will be a pub or restaurant. 

So How Do I Start

Right first thing you’re going to need to do is set up a brand new Youtube account. 

I recommend using your name, so something like this “Sam jones Video Creation Services” to name your YouTube channel, or even better would be your initials such as SPJ Marketing. 

Set up a Google mail account with the same name, you’re going to need this to send and receive emails from potential clients. 

Ok second thing to do is to sign up to a video creation software. 

There are a few on the market, but the one I use and rely on daily can be found in the link below. You’ll find this software a lot easier to use than others out there, it truly is the best on the market at the moment. 

Click Here To Visit The Video Creation Software Website I Use

Plus it makes high quality video’s and I also have made you a video on how to use it included with this guide. 

Ok the third thing we are going to do is find a pub or restaurant to make a video for. 

This is where it gets clever, we are going to find a business online that we like by searching on google for local restaurants or pubs. Or you could even use your own favourite place. 

We are then going to go through their website and Facebook page and collect their best photo’s and copy their description and other phrases they have about themselves. 

reviewsAlso find any reviews and copy them as well, including the name of the person who left the review, obviously make sure you only use the good reviews. 

Now the fourth thing we are going to do is the clever bit. We are going to make them a video before contacting them. 

Yes you heard me, we make the video first. 

This is a very clever tactic and works most of the time, if you market the video to them correctly and don’t price it too high. 

Think about it for a second, if you owned your own pub and someone emailed you a pitch to make you a video about your business would you be truly interested, probably not. 

On the other hand, if you owned a pub and someone sent you an email with a video already made about your business which you could watch straight away, you’re probably going to love it and buy it. 

It’s No Hardship If They Don’t Buy It Either 

Because you will have put a watermark of your website or logo on the video, {the instructions for this are on the video supplied with this guide} which means apart from being another video to add to your portfolio, it also has the chance of bringing in more clients for you. 

When you make any video for any business doing it this way, always make one video with your logo, name or website watermarked onto it. 

And one video without the watermark to give to your clients. 

Don’t panic you don’t have to actually make two video’s, you just download one with and one without a watermark, it’s easy and I show you how in the video I made to go with this guide. 

watermarkedAlways show your clients the watermarked video first and tell them this will be removed when they purchase the video file. 

You could even offer to put their website address in place of yours when they go on to purchase the video. 

The fifth thing we need to do is upload the new video to your Youtube account with your logo on the video. 

While the video is uploading add all the words from your video {which should be on your computer in a file} into your Youtube description. 

Don’t Forget To Add Tags

Also add around ten to twenty tags based around and including the name of the restaurant or pub. 

Now this next step will help you rank high in Google search. Add the words from your video into the subtitles section, here it will upload your file. 

Don’t miss this step, I will show you how in the video provided. 

Ok now the sixth and final thing to do is to contact the pub or restaurant you have just made the video for. 

Pretty much every food and drink establishment has a website nowadays. 

So your job is to go to their website and find their email address, which is usually located in the contact page. 

Some businesses may just have a contact form to fill out, this is not a problem just fill it out like you would an email. 

What you now choose to say to them is up to you, if you’re good at sales, then you’ll have a good idea of what to say. 

If you’re not good at sales you can copy what I suggest and change it around to make it your own. 

I would generally send an email saying this: 

Hey I’ve just made you a video about your pub which I think you’re going to love, you can check it out here {Youtube video URL} let me know what you think. I will leave it up for seven days, if I don’t hear from you in that time I will delete it. 

It’s short simple and to the point, and best of all it works. 

Now You Can Give Them A Price

Once they get back to you, this is where you give them a price and tell them you can replace the watermark of your name for theirs. 

And send them the new video file with their website address on. 

youtubeAlso tell them the video with your logo will stay on your Youtube account indefinitely and will rank high in the search engines for many keywords bringing them in more customers. 

But don’t stop there. As soon as you have sent an email to them. Go to their Facebook page and send them a message, the same as in the email you sent. 

Also if their page allows you to place videos on it, add the video there as well. The more places they and there regular customers see it the better. 

Remember it has your watermark on it, so it can’t be copied legally. And they will know this, and you’ve told them you’re deleting it in seven days. 

So if they are interested they will contact you pretty quick, believe me. 

As a rough guide to what you charge them for your video, I would suggest starting at £49 to begin with. 

Then as you grow and attract more customers you may want to increase the price. I tend to look at the size of the business and up my prices accordingly. 

Don’t be tempted to price it too high, remember these videos are easy to make and once you’ve got a few made, they just get easier and quicker to create. 

Apart from small businesses you could also aim these video’s for everyday people. You could make Birthday, Valentine, Christmas, Wedding video’s and the list goes on. 

The sky truly is the limit, just think outside the box. 

To Take A Look At The Video Creation Software I Use Please Click Here 

This is the main step by step video


This video explains how to make a watermark or logo and where I make mine


This video shows you how to make a second video without a watermark


This is an example video made by me for a local restaurant to give you ideas